Creating a BugRug

We take great pride in making a high quality kids rug that our customers love!


Hand Made with Care

Our kids rugs are meticulously hand crafted using a process known as "hand tufting". In this method, designs are drawn onto a backing material and the tufts of yarn are pushed through with a simple hand tool. When the pile has been "tufted" the backing material is covered with a latex solution and a backing of 100% cotton is attached. The rug is then cleaned, trimmed, and the edging added. The finished product is a dense, plush piled kids floor rug - lovely!

Part of the unique charm of a hand made product is that each rug will vary slightly - rather suiting for kids!

Our blog post, "BugRugs: A Hand-tufted Rug's Birth Story", outlines the detailed steps to make one of our hand tufted rugs.


We Use Premium Yarn

100% Japanese acrylic fibre is considered to be a superior quality yarn. We love it in kids rugs for its soft, plush and springy feel.  It is great for use in children's rugs due to its ease of cleaning and resistance to soiling, static, moths and mildew. Our quality acrylic rugs are resilient and durable to all the activity of busy little hands and feet.

Acrylic yarn is the closest to wool in appearance and touch, of any synthetic fibre. Due to special processing, the shininess that is often associated with synthetics is avoided. Although it looks and feels like wool, it is less likely to fade in bright sunlight and requires less specialist care. As it is a "spun" yarn, it will still shed some fibres for a short time but not to the same extent as a wool rug.


Our Rug Specifications

  • The hand tufted pile fibre is made of 100% Japanese acrylic yarn.
  •  The pile height is approximately 1.5-2 cms including the backing cloth. 
  • The primary and secondary backing clothes are made of 100% cotton.
  • The rug weight (including the backing cloth) is approximately 3.1kg per square metre.