Why buy an acrylic kids rug?

Date Posted:1 February 2019 

Premium acrylic kids rugs from BugRugs


When looking for a children’s rug, there are so many choices out there in terms of differing fibres.  So, why buy an acrylic kid’s rug compared to a rug made from other materials?

I was reading through the August edition of the Northshore Living magazine last week and there was a great article entitled, “Fabulous Fabrics”.  The article did a great job of comparing natural and synthetic fabrics and all the variations within each category.

Here are a few points that the article made regarding acrylic:

* it is naturally resistant to stains (so important with kids!)

* it is the most colourfast fabric

* it doesn’t fade in direct sunlight

* it is quick drying

* it isn’t susceptible to mould


A few other positive aspects of acrylic are that:

* it is the most similar to wool in appearance

* it is easy to clean (a must in my house!)

* it is affordable

* it is luxurious, soft and warm

* it retains its shape

* it resists shrinkage and wrinkles


This is why we choose to make our kids rugs out of 100% Japanese acrylic.  We love the versatility and practicality of it for kids!


Acrylic Kids Rug with Cars and Trucks from BugRugs



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