How to spot clean your rug

Date Posted:16 July 2013 

How to clean a stained children's rug from BugRugs


It is a lovely day here in Sydney… particularly as the kids have just gone back to school after two weeks holiday and I can begin to clear my head, my house and my in-tray.  It is very rewarding to be a working mother but those last few days of school holidays can be hard to manage when the finely choreographed juggle between work and family begins to unravel.

Something I have been wanting to do for ages is to show you the easiest way to spot clean a rug. If you have young children, you would be aware of just how messy your little darlings are.  Small spills of milk, apple juice or up-chuck, may not initially cause much of a mark but once they have dried and then been walked on for a period of time dirt will catch on the sticky/oily residue of the spill and eventually become black and unsightly.

Today I am going to show you how to quickly & easily remove these marks without having to call in the professionals. This technique will save you time and money and will prolong the duration between full carpet cleans.

As demonstrated in the video below, my favourite product for dry spots is “Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Remover”, it is available at most supermarkets and will cost you less than $10.  As you can see it is just a simple matter of spraying it on, allowing it to dry fully and then vacuuming it off with a good, high suction vacuum cleaner.

Remember this tip is only suitable for SMALL DRY SPOTS, it is not suitable for spills that are still wet or where a large all over rug clean is required. 

Click Here to view video – How to spot clean your rug

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