Factory Second Quality Rugs

Date Posted:28 June 2013 

Birdhouse Wool Kids Rug, Bright Colours from BugRugs


Well as you can see, blogging has not turned out to be my forte as it has taken me months to post a second one!  On the topic of seconds, I have had so many enquiries about why some of our rugs have been classified as Factory Seconds that I thought it a good idea to try and clarify the situation here.

Essentially, our most recent shipment of rugs has proven to be quite variable in quality.  What this means is that some of the rugs within the batch are without any problems but others have some colour variations, small flaws, and blemishes within the pile.  In some cases, the thickness of the pile is not as dense as we would expect.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time or resources to hand check each rug before dispatch so we were faced with the difficult question of how best to address the problem.  The bottom line is that we pride ourselves on our untarnished reputation, built over 10 years, for offering only the finest quality children’s rugs. This reputation was too important to risk disappointing customers.

As a result we have slashed the price of all potentially affected stock to below half price.  This means that some of the rugs marked as seconds quality may not have any problems at all or they may have some of the flaws described above, it is a bit of a case of “pot luck”.

Below I will upload some photographs of the type of the flaws that you might expect and the best way to rectify them if you do decide to purchase one.

Watch our YouTube video below showing how easy it is to remove blemishes on seconds quality rugs:




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