Factory Second Kids Rugs at Bargain Prices!

Date Posted:1 August 2020 

Unbeatable prices on kids rugs

We’ve all had that dye job that didn’t go quite right….

During our local quality inspections here in Sydney, we’ve found a few rugs that didn’t cut the mustard.  While it is sad that some of the rugs are not perfect, it does create a great bargain opportunity for a few lucky and fast acting customers.  We’ve classified any rug that we weren’t totally happy with as a Factory 2nd and are selling them off for $99 – what a deal!

Blemishes in the rugs are cosmetic in nature and do not impact the high quality construction of the BugRug.  A few examples are shown in the photos below.  Most rugs only have very small blemishes and are nearly pristine.  Each rug may have only one type of blemish or a combination. In some cases, the overall dye colour of the rug is not as exepted (see the above photo).  

Photos of each specific rug are available on request by contacting info@bugrugs.com.


Factory Second kids rugs with inconsistent colour   Factory second children's rugs with yellow marks on rug yarn

Factory Seconds kids rugs with backing cloth visible on rug topside   Factory Second nursery rug with uneven trimming of rug yarn


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