BugRugs: A hand-tufted rug's birth story

Date Posted:21 February 2016 

BugRugs: Birth story of a hand-tufted kids rug


The tufting in our rugs is done by hand and, as a result, each rug has its own uniqueness and no two are exactly alike.  Just like kids, they aren’t perfect and each is one of a kind.  That’s what we love about them!


We start with a design…

The creation of our rugs starts with the design process.  All of our rugs are designed right here in beautiful Australia.  Inspiration can strike in some seemingly unlikely spots….like a trip to the beach!

Design inspiration for a children's rug with footprints


We strive to produce designs that both kids and mums love.  We select colours that suit kids – from bright primary colours to soft pastels.

Some designs are done in-house and others by freelance designers.  We choose our designs based on what we love and what is currently popular in the market.  It is never an easy decision to choose which designs will complete our range of kids rugs!


…a pattern is created…

The rug design is transferred onto a cotton primary backing cloth and colours are marked as appropriate.  This is done for each individual rug and creates the “pattern” that will be used to create the rug.

Rug design being transferred to primary backing cloth


…the rug is hand tufted…

The pattern is then stretched onto a large frame and a hand held tufting gun is used by a skilled craftsperson to complete the rug pattern.  You could think of it as making our rugs with a hand held sewing machine.  Depending on the complexity of the design, it takes approximately one day to complete the tufting for one of our children’s rugs.

It is a truly remarkable skill to be able to work with such precision and to be able to consistently create such beautiful rugs.  We are in awe each time we see it done.  Simply amazing!

Hand-tufting of a children's rug with hand held tufting gun


…a backing cloth is added…

After the hand tufting is complete and the topside of the rug has been created, it is attached to a cotton secondary backing cloth with a plant based latex solution.  This secondary backing cloth gives the rug a finished appearance and also adds weight to the rug to reduce slipping on the floor.

Backing cloth of a blue hand-tufted children's rug


…cutting-in is completed…

If the rug design requires any “cutting-in” it is done now.  Cutting-in is done by hand using a small scissors and is the process of cutting around any shapes on the rug as needed.  This makes the design of the rug really stand out – for example, the star on this rug is very defined against the grey background colour.

Hand-tufted children's rug with cutting-in around star


…and a BugRug is born!

After a laborious process that is slightly longer than childbirth…..a BugRug makes its appearance into the world!

And we have a lovely handmade BugRug ready to be played on and loved in its forever home!

Hand-tufted children's rug with girl playing

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