Beautiful Bedrooms

Date Posted:22 October 2013 

Southern Sky Kids Rug in blue from BugRugs

We love it when our customers take the time to send in photographs of their children’s beautiful nurseries and play rooms.  It constantly amazes me how creative people are and how a simple floor rug can make any room “pop”!

Recently I was blown away by a photo sent to us from Jamee in USA of her beautiful nursery, complimented perfectly by our “Southern Sky Blue” floor rug. The sophistication and warmth created by her decorating choices is wonderful and her attention to detail really completes the room.

To be honest, I was a little nervous sending this rug to USA from Australia because it was classed as a factory 2nd (as described in our previous blogs).  To my great relief she was thrilled with it. We can see why when it looks so amazing in her room, not to mention how great the ridiculously cheap prices are at $99 for a standard rug & $199 for large.

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