A true test of durability

Date Posted:12 February 2016 

Cars & Trucks Kids Rug from BugRugs

The Cars & Trucks Kids Rug shown below was one of twelve sold to Curl Curl North Public School in 2006.  It currently lives in the library and sees a lot of traffic from little feet in school shoes.  The school regularly pulls the rugs outside onto the asphalt for the kids to sit on during outdoor assemblies.

What a test of durability….think of all the kids that have walked and sat on this rug!

We are so happy with how it looks after all this time.  The rug still has its original shape, the pile is still plush, and the colours are vibrant & beautiful.  My question is, how do they keep it so clean?!?!


Cars & Trucks kids rug after 11 years of use in a public school


It does our hearts good to hear that our rugs are getting so much love!

Do you have a BugRug that has endured a test of the kiddie magnitude?  If so, we’d love to to hear it.  It really brightens our day when customers share their photos and stories about our rugs.

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