Best Selling Kids Rug, July

Date Posted:2 August 2017 

All Star Kids Rug, Navy


This beaut has done it again!  It's the second month in a row for our All Star Kids Rug in navy to be our best seller.  

Navy is one of those classic colours that never goes out of style.  For kids rooms, try to brighten the colour up by pairing navy and white with orange, gold/yellow or red decor.  For girls, try matching up navy and white with bright pink or coral.  Such lovely combinations!

Colour chart of navy colour combinations for kids

Have fun with this lovely children's rug by "theming it up" with:

  • ​Super heros
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Nautical / sailing
  • Adventure

The options for decorating with this cute navy and white star nursery rug are endless!  Share what you've done with this rug by emailing photos to!


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