About Us

BugRugs has been creating stylish, high quality floor rugs exclusively for children since 2003. The company was started by a frustrated mum who couldn't find a quality floor rug in a kid friendly design for her son. As we all know, when women get frustrated...they do something about it! Hence, BugRugs was born and has been a true labour of love over the years.  


At BugRugs, we strive to: 

* create designs that kids and parents love  

* offer premium quality at affordable prices

* provide outstanding customer service


Our kids rug range is meticulously handcrafted to be thick, plush and durable. Our rugs are not mass produced and are generally ordered in small batches for sale. Being handmade, each rug has its own unique element which adds to the overall charm of the rug.      


We are located on the lovely Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. This beautiful setting is also where we store all of our rugs and is our "ship from" location to customers. Wherever you are in Australia or the world, we can deliver a gorgeous kids rug direct to your door through our express courier network. We pride ourselves on our quick shipping timeframe and customer service.  


We thank you for your interest in BugRugs and for supporting Australian small business. You can rely on the BugRugs brand to deliver beautiful contemporary designs while never compromising on quality.